***Due to the rain, we're moving this concert to Blessed Sacrament.***


The night after Alanna-Marie Boudreau speaks at Theology on Tap, she'll be performing a concert at an outdoor venue outside of Valley Center. Anyone is welcome!

Lucian Matoushek will open for Alanna, starting at 7pm. 


6701 W 77th St N, Valley Center, KS 67147-8153, United States

Alanna-Marie is a singer-songwriter from central New York. She fell in love with music when she was just a young girl. Classically trained in piano from the age of six into her teens, she began writing her own songs when she picked up the guitar around the age of 15. Initially she wrote the songs simply to bring a little joy into her sister's day; but soon she discovered that her songs actually caused people to awaken in some way, and that they had a certain power and beauty to them.

So, with a grateful and somewhat startled heart, she found songs suddenly tumbling out of her soul; and she felt called to share those songs with those around her as a way of reminding them that LOVE is REAL and LIFE is a GIFT.

Alanna will be selling merchandise at the concert and you can bring a free-will donation to support her continued success as an artist.